Mithin is a self-taught Director and Cinematographer based out of Brooklyn, NY. Born in Saudi Arabia and having spent the better part of his childhood in three different countries, he is no stranger to the concept of a 'global citizen'. After receiving his Bachelor's in Anthropology and Asian American Studies from the University of Pennsylvania,

Mithin spent the majority of his time post-graduation teaching himself the art of visual storytelling. He then moved to New York City at the prospect of a career with an ambitious startup. After a year of working a traditional nine-to-five, Mithin resigned with plans to take time off and find another career opportunity. Luckily, during this down-time, a close friend reached out to Mithin in regards to visually creating dance videos for a music album. Given the newfound freedom and flexibility in both work and life, Mithin entrenched himself into full-time production work.

Since then, Mithin has worked on a host of narratives, music videos, commercials and documentaries. Mithin is currently The Director of Production at The Dialects, a full-service production company that he co-launched earlier this year focusing on building the stories of South Asian artists, founders, and brands. In his spare time, Mithin dances with a competitive Bhangra team based out of New York City called Bhangra Theory and plays a wide array of solo and multiplayer video games.